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Thursday, March 14, 2013

My first blog post! Yay!

           Being that is my very first blog post - EVER - I will keep it short and sweet. Lately, the Lord has been pressing my love of writing on my heart and I believe He is calling me to use it for His glory. Well, I am all about using the talents He has given me to bring honor to His name and maybe even (eep!) be a reflection of His light for others. Nothing excites me more than to think the Lord could possibly use me for the growing of His kingdom! So, here it is....the blog I have been thinking about (and, thus, praying about) for a few months now.

        I cannot promise it will be riveting. I cannot promise it will make perfect sense. I cannot even promise it will be constant or extremely regular. The only thing I can promise is that my words will come from the heart and will have been prayed over and talked about with the Big Guy. I will ponder and analyze my thoughts, as I usually do with my writing, and try with all my might to only post things that He presses on my heart. It is my prayer that this blog will find those it is intended for and bless them in a way only the Holy Spirit can. With that - here goes my first attempt at "blogging"! (I feel like an insider at a secret club or something!)
          Could you imagine living in a perfect place with no tears, no pain, no strife, no evil or sadness? Could you imagine not just living in in this place but being the King of it all?? Reigning supreme over perfectly endless beauty and wholly complete love? Now, imagine giving all that up to move to a place saturated with sorrow, injustice, and intentional malice. All for someone who ignores, disobeys, mocks and defames you! Our Lord did exactly this. He stepped down from His glorious throne in heaven and immersed Himself in the gritty muck that is our world. He rolled up His sleeves, girded up His loins and jumped head first and full force into the sinful mess that was keeping His people (us) separated from Him. Our precious, loving Father knew there was no way we'd be able to reach Him through our own efforts and so He took it upon Himself to fix what we never could. We could never avoid sin left to our own devices (and some of us would never even try!) Our beautifully merciful Father knew this and so decided to provide us with a solid, unwavering, and impenetrable way around this problem - our Lord Jesus Christ!
               That's just His kind of love. Amazing. Freeing. Beautifully humble. Indescribable. I hope and pray this blog will only be a reflection of this love - of His love. The Lord has done indescribably amazing things in this sinner and it is my joy to shout it from the rooftops. I hope you will stay with me through this journey and I pray you will be blessed through it.                     
                                                            Love always,


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