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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Little Voice

Here is a poem I recently wrote and posted on "the book". I hope you enjoy it I pray the Lord's name will be honored by it!  It's green for Saint Patty's Day!!
A little voice inside me
tells me where to go
Your small and gentle whisper
without a doubt I know.
You’re there when I lay down
there when I arise
a constant, steady presence
in You my safety lies.
Your guidance is like rubies
Your conviction as pure gold

Your rebuke is a Father’s hand
my wayward soul to hold.
You’re gentle when I need compassion
firm when I go astray
defending when I need a shield
a shepherd when I lose my way.
The words I give are not enough
my praises sell You short
the beauty of the most precious jewel
could not describe the Lord.

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